The Southernmost of the villages sitting across the base of the Rodopos peninsula is Ravdoucha.  The village itself sits a few hundred feet above the sea and offers an experience not to be missed on the drive down.  Fork right here off the village road and enjoy the views on the way down.
Ravdoucha. Village left, seaside and tavernas right.
At the bottom is a choice.  Right takes you to two excellent tavernas and a small harbour not really suitable for swimming.  The less inviting (rough) track takes you to a small cove with an excellent taverna, a bit of camping space and good swimming.  Watch the rock-pools though, they are very, very slippery!!
Ravdoucha, tiny harbour, small boats, across the bay is Gramvousa peninsula. This small harbour is close to two excellent tavernas though it is better for boating than swimming.  Superb sunsets from here.
If you want to swim, camp, get a room or just visit the other taverna turn left at the bottom of the hill.  The track is rough and narrow but any car with a careful driver will do.  Bikers watch the loose stones and walkers watch the other two.  At the end of the road there is a super (rocky) cove which is good for kids of any age who want to paddle or swim.  There is a taverna with rooms a reputation for good food on 100 metres or so from the beach.
This small cove is super, as safe as any pond can be and gives access to the sea if you prefer to be a   he- man or her-woman 'gung ho!' type.  The very shallow rock pools on the right here are very, very slippery in bare feet - if you want to paddle there keep your beach shoes on! East cove, sea and rock pools.