Letters and Short Stories
Welcome to the archives.  This is the first extension of the letters page.  If you like reading about what happens in real life here on Crete then read on!  There is no fiction, just real life described as it happens.  The descriptions may be (rose) tinted with our reality, but there is no fiction included.  Enjoy!!


Dear Allan, Hilary and Sarah.... 3rd November 1996 DEAR ALLAN -The pace of life here isn't really as slow as the guide books have it...............          Letter.    
What do you do in the day then? 25th March 2001 CANDY - Bringing our sixteen year old Border Collie X  to join us in Crete via Athens!             Short Story.
What do you do in the day then? 5th November 2000 PENDELI - Buying out first wine barrel from Pendeli - Master Cooper, at Kastelli.                      Short Story.
What do you do in the day then? 23rd July 2000 FLYING HOME - Flying is super, but getting up and down can be a bit of a bind!                    Short Story.