Getting To Crete...
Getting here, literally, should pose no problems, excepting travel in winter. During the summer there are direct charter and scheduled flights; trains and coach services run directly to Athens from most European destinations.

Anek Lines ferry Lissos at Patra en route Chania, Crete.

Any competent car driver from other European countries can be on Crete between two and seven days after leaving home. The longest time being based on the mythological `normal healthy average` both car and driver, leaving John 'O' Groats in Scotland on Monday morning and arriving in Crete on Saturday morning.
 Knowing which way is south is probably the only other essential qualification. Although most charter flights will take you directly from your nearest airport to either Heraklion (Iraklion) or Chania (Souda) airport, almost any other route will take you via Athens (Piraeus). If you haven't been before and have the opportunity to stop over, if even for a few hours, take it. All you have heard is true - Athens is the most crowded; traffic congested; overheated; fume filled; vibrant; alive; beautiful and culturally rich city in the world. If you don't believe me then take a trip to the Acropolis, sitting way above and encircled by Athens and just look. If you want to test the water dive in, there is something for everyone just a short walk or taxi ride away.
Take a look at the 'Athens Survival Guide'  Matt Barratts' superb web site at   Whatever else you do, don't miss Athens if you can help it. But, whether you do or not, if you are not on a charter flight you will be headed for Crete either by scheduled 'plane or Boat. Parthenon, Acropolis, Athens, Greece.