Gateway to Rodopos......
If you want to keep moving do just that - go straight on - passing the road to the monument on your left. About 1000metres further on where the road S bends over a low bridge there is a small cove which is good for swimming - easy to get to but rocky. This year too it may not be so peaceful, as to the landward side a huge piece of mountain is being removed to become the foundation of the new harbour wall in Kolimbari. Work is now all but complete but occasional days quarrying might occur.

Onwards the road begins the ascent to Afrata - note the small shrine on the first bend - a life was lost here and is commemorated as in countless other such shrines at Cretan roadsides by this small house with its Icons, oil lamps and sometimes photographs.
Climbing upwards towards Afrata there are some stupendous views over the sea. Good at any time. If you are keen on photography, be up here between 6am and 7am in summer and get some superb shots of the sun apparently rising out of the sea like a great orange/golden globe to the left of Stavros on Akrotiri across the bay.

The reflection on the sea creates a magnificent picture. Sunset, on the other hand is a non-event from this road, hidden away behind the mountainside to the west. If you want sun-sets on Rodopos you should go to the village of Ravdoucha, on the opposite side of the peninsula - about 25min away by car. Romantics take note - the moonrise, particularly at full moon in August, is something to watch from here. Or the Rodopos road above Astratigos, from where the whole bay, coastline twinkling with lights, is your oyster. Away from the sea, turning inland towards Afrata, you should see a bright orange coloured house standing amid fields. Past the dogs, tethered one either side of the road and down through the olive groves, Afrata. However you got here a welcome awaits at the end of the road.