Towards the Monastery...
Walking past the past office the second half of the main street presents a small greengrocer, the second baker; third and fourth gift shops, two tavernas and the Plaza Cafe.
Turn right just by the motorcycle in the picture above (remember it will have moved!) walk down between the buildings and you will find yourself in a small open plateia facing the sea.  The small fishing harbour is on your left and the Restaurant-Bar Mylos on your right.
Small fishing boat harbour, Kolimbari, Chania, Crete. This is the view from the small harbour to where you should be standing if you are following the guide.  A new extension to this harbour is being built to attract yachts and I would think, other pleasure craft.  But don't worry, the bay here is very shallow.  There is no chance for car ferries and commercial vehicles spoiling the place.
The Mylos Restaurant-Bar
This is a good place to sit and view the the beach-front scene while enjoying a frape, a beer and a snack.  From a short distance.....  In front is the open sea with no beach, bathers or brolleys between you and Stavros, of Zorba the Greek fame, across the sea at Akrotiri.  Very pleasant.

Sea front tavernas seen from Mylos, Kolimbari, Chania, Crete.
Sea-front tavernas from Mylos